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SW Riverside County Bar Association
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Directors & Officers

2020 President: Kiki Manti Engel Vice President: Michael Bender Treasurer: Edward J. Nowakoski Secretary: Allison Tilton Directors: Neda Aguirre, Barak Berlin, Robin Johnson, Reed Webb, and Marie Wood

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Below you will find a listing of the Speaker Meeting dates for 2020 and the topics of each speaker meeting.  The topics are subject to change depending on the wishes of the membership and the availability of speakers.  Please open your calendar and schedule the meetings now. The location is: Bordeaux Room, Temecula Weddings and Events 27535 Jefferson Avenue, Temecula, CA 92590 Located next to the Salvation Army Store on Jefferson, at 12:00 noon on the meeting day. Cost of…

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ARTICLE I: Name ARTICLE II: Purpose and Geographic Area ARTICLE III: Membership ARTICLE IV: Dues and Assessments ARTICLE V: Officers and Elections ARTICLE VI: Duties of Officers and Board of Directors ARTICLE VII: Finances ARTICLE VIII: Meetings ARTICLE IX: Committees and Sections ARTICLE X: Amendment

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Local area lawyers. SWRCBA members represent the local community in many areas of law practice. For a list of names and contact information,
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Please note: The SWRCBA does not operate a Lawyer Referral Service. The SWRCBA does not verify the accuracy of individual attorney listings and cannot warranty the services, competence or availability of any of its individual members. You may wish to contact a Lawyer Referral Service.

The State Bar of California official website provides the public with useful consumer protection information. Click here to see what it has to offer.

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